Being prepared doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our team of professionals identify the world’s best gear then rigorously field test it. Once we determine that a particular piece of gear meets our strict requirements, we purchase the gear in large volumes then pass that savings on to you.

The Little Kentucky Trading Company is made up of retired military, retired law enforcement and avid outdoor enthusiasts. We take pride in the equipment that we sell and we look forward to reading your reviews.

Our Commitment to you: If we wouldn’t carry it ourselves we won’t sell it to you.

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Motorola MT350R Two-Way Radio Review - A two-way radio is an essential part of preparedness and the Motorola MT350R is our pick for the best value. This rugged built radio is designed to take a beating and we've put it to the test. We've dropped it, tossed it in water, buried it in the sand and even soaked it it gun oil (That last thing was accidental). The built in weather radio is an awesome feature and makes the radio perfect for emergency storm situations. I hunt with family members and we use our radios to stay in contact while were in the woods. The hands Read More