Paracord Bracelet, Fire Starter, Compass & Whistle


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These attractive bracelets are the smartest way to carry around 9 to 10 feet of 550 gauge parachute cord, an incredibly useful type of cord. Lightweight and yet strong enough for a variety of purposes, from replacing a shoelace to rigging a bow and arrow, parachute cord is the cord of choice for survivalists, hunters, and campers, not to mention those who just like that rugged outdoorsy look.

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  • The bracelet is measured 10 inch in length including buckle
  • Almost 10 feet of cord when unraveled
  • Made from high quality Heavy Duty Military spec 7 Strand 550 lb Para cord
  • Includes Fire Starter, Fire Striker, Compass and whistle

Can be used to bind rafts or make a makeshift shelter. Use it as a tourniquet, for gear repair, to make a lanyard or lash cargo. It will start a fire even when wet. You can use the whistle to call for help or scare animals away.

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